HR Consulting

As your company grows and evolves, so does your staff. What many employers don’t realize is that for every additional employee added to your team, your human resources department must expand the time and resources it dedicates to managing new hire paperwork, payroll, benefits administration and tax documentation. The burden of time that comes with managing additional employees is significant but oftentimes underestimated. For small and mid-sized businesses that are growing, managing these various HR services can become overwhelming.

In the event that the HR operations at your business become unmanageable, or even if you just want to reduce your HR team’s current workload, consider contacting us. For years, Beaty Insurance has offered consulting services that allow small and mid-sized businesses to concentrate on things other than paperwork by providing time-saving HR solutions. The solutions we offer include the following:

These solutions are designed to make your life easier by minimizing the amount of time, money and resources you must dedicate to HR operations. Weekly time sheets can be faxed, emailed, texted or physically delivered to us. And, in return, we prepare and deliver your paychecks—either via direct deposit or hard copy. Fees can be directly debited from your account to minimize the time needed for accounts payable processing.

Additionally, our relationship with large vendors provides small and mid-sized businesses with discounts usually reserved for larger companies. Likewise, we aim to reduce workers’ compensation costs through comprehensive risk management strategies that include the design and implementation of safety programs, prompt claims submittals, corrective action programs and proper OSHA reporting.

To learn more about the ways Beaty Insurance can help make your life easier, contact us by filling out the form on this page or by calling 409-886-1351.